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The Kawaii Ambassadors!!

Nov 16, 2012 No Comments

Many countries send out ambassadors to represent their country. In Japan, they have decided to create “kawaii” ambassadors for the promotion of their culture and Japanese music. Outside of Japan, not many people will probably know the word “kawaii”, but among the youth in Japan it is very popular. Also, if you are somewhat familiar [...]

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Kendama, competition

Sep 04, 2012 No Comments

If you think that Kendama is a game for children, then think again. This game is not as simple as it seems and mastering the required techniques for this game might be much more difficult than you think. The Japanese Kendama Association (JKA) was established in 1975. The organisation serves as an indicator for the [...]

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Are the Japanese harder workers?

May 27, 2012 No Comments

It is believed that people in Japan work a lot more than in other countries, but this is not quite true. If we look at a Japanese person, he goes to work early in the morning and usually does not return until night, or sometimes even sleeps close to the office because he has finished working [...]

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White Day in Japan. A more expensive Valentine’s Day for men

Mar 14, 2012 No Comments

Today, I was going to write about a completely different topic, but a Japanese twitter friend told me that today is ホワイト デ White Day In Japan! In Japan, the women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day to say that they are very important to them. Well, White Day is similar, only this time [...]

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Tanabata: festival of the stars

Mar 09, 2012 No Comments

Once the story of the two lovers is told, we can now better understand how it is to celebrate this holiday in Japan. First, I must say that the word “Tanabata 七夕“ probably originates from the name of the sewing machine (Tanahata) that the princess uses in the story. The festival takes place on the seventh day of the seventh month, the day when the princess finally can meet her love. In some [...]

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Tanabata, legend of the lovers

Mar 08, 2012 No Comments

I will write a post that will make a good introduction for my next article: the story of the two lovers in heaven. Orihime is the daughter of the Heavenly King (Ten-kou). The princess had a special ability called “Tanahata”, which was weaving fabric with a machine, and she loved to do it close to [...]

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Hanami, the festival of the flowers

Mar 06, 2012 No Comments

Almost one year ago, the earthquake, and subsequently the tsunami, hit Japan. This terrible disaster was followed a few weeks later by one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan: Hanami. There is always a cherry tree somewhere in Japan that makes the Japanese fall in love with the short-lived beauty of this tree. Every [...]

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