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Stone pillar saves a small town from a tsunami

The people of a small village in Japan made sure they took the warning written on an old stone pillar seriously, which said “Remember the calamities caused by the great tsunamis, do not build your houses below this sign.”

This might seem like something out of an RPG, in which they point out the gateway to a magical place, but it is actually something that can be found in many coastal areas throughout Japan.

In fact, these stone pillars are an obvious example of how the Japan suffered from tsunamis and earthquakes and show that we must listen to our ancestors, no matter how much technology we have or how many dams we build for these tsunamis.

When a tsunami reaches the shore, it is almost impossible to stop. So many years ago, or even centuries ago, the Japanese placed warning signs around the country to prevent disaster from happening again.

Fortunately, the people from a village called Aneyoshi, respected the warning written on the stone pillar and built their houses at a higher altitude. This saved them from losing their homes and saved them from being in a situation similar to many Japanese after the last tsunami.

Such tones were built by the Japanese ancestors to warn their descendants and are a familiar sight throughout Japan, in some places these warnings have been respected and in others they are ignored. Also, in some places, the force of the tsunami exceeded the limits set by these stones and because of that, many of them have disappeared over time.

In other places, the stones are used as memorials in order to understand how people must remain alert as any earthquake could be followed by a tsunami causing huge waves.

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