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The Kawaii Ambassadors!!

Many countries send out ambassadors to represent their country. In Japan, they have decided to create “kawaii” ambassadors for the promotion of their culture and Japanese music.

Outside of Japan, not many people will probably know the word “kawaii”, but among the youth in Japan it is very popular. Also, if you are somewhat familiar with the world of manga, anime or just interested in the Japanese culture, it is very likely that you have heard of it.

The three ambassadors that were chosen for this job are Aoki Misako, Kimura Yu and Fujioka Shizuka, who each represent a completely different style.

Aoki Misako’s style represents a “lolita”.

Yuu Kimura represents the typical style of a young woman in Harayuku (famous neighbourhood in Tokyo).



Shizuka Fujioka represents the notorious Japanese schoolgirl style.


These special ambassadors were active from March 2009 to March 2010. After their presentation to the public, that was held in Bangkok, they went to several countries.

One of the places that the ambassadors visited was the Hall of Manga in Barcelona, where fans had the opportunity to take pictures with them. Visitors were also able to enjoy a fashion show where each style was represented.

Although their ambassador work will not be continued, the girls have travelled over the world thanks to this “side gig” that led them to countries as diverse as Russia, Brazil, Korea and Spain.

For now, it seems that the experience will not be repeated any time soon, because although they have announced their tour all over the Internet, they unfortunately failed to arouse a high interest outside the circle of Japanese culture fans.

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