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Stealth techniques of ninjas

Ninjas mastered different techniques of walking, as the success of their missions depended on it. Although we have already discussed some of the most common methods in an earlier post, there are some other stealth techniques that were important to control and helped them moving around appropriately according to their surroundings.

Ko ashi

The ninja could adapt his walking method to avoid making noise in places with dry leaves or branches. The technique they would have used here is known as the walk of the crane.

The ninja moved with very small steps and when placing his foot down, he would make sure that nothing would be touched that might give him away.

The most important thing is to move as silently as possible when placing the foot in water or between dry leaves on the ground.

This tip of the foot would be placed first and followed by the heel, then the foot would be equalised by shifting his entire weight on that foot. Every next step would be performed just as cautiously as the previous.

The same methods would be used for walking in places with water.

Yoko Aruki

This particular technique would be used by the ninja when he would have to walk through narrow alleys or if he had to remain in the shadows. It is a sideway movement that looks like someone is walking flat against a wall. The movement begins with one foot on which the ninja will immediately place his entire weight.

The second step is the sideways movement of the other foot placed in front of the first foot. At the same time, the legs are crossed, as are the arms, while resting the arms on their torso. As soon as the legs are spread out again, the arms are also spread out in order to achieve greater speed and balance. The head is also turned into the direction the ninja is headed or turned backwards to improve balance and to always be aware of their surroundings.

This video shows some of the discussed techniques and some other ones, such as the shinobi techniques:

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