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2LDK: Japanese movie

Do you remember the housing advertisements in Japan? A while ago, I explained how houses or flats are rented in Japan and the way they specify the type and characteristics of the house, rooms, etc.

The film is titled 2LDK, which can be translated as follows: a flat with 2 bedrooms, living room/kitchen (L = living room) (D = dining room) (K = kitchen).


The title of the film is like you can imagine; a rented flat where –in this case- two women live together and both want to become actresses.

Two japanese girls with the same ambitions living in the same house… This is something that could never finish in a good way, although I didn’t expect what happened in the movie.

The film might surprise you if you believe it is simply going to be a harmless story about jealousy. I do not know if the director (Yukihiko Tsutsumi) is a friend of Tarantino, but this movie is certainly unexpected.

The elements of the film are two women, one flat, one night and a lot of hate. What actually will happen you should see for yourself, but I will give you one clue: there are some weapons involved!

Here is the trailer to help you to decide if you should watch it.

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