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What is Kancho?

Yesterday I found a place that explains the meaning of these words. After entering the website I thought it was impossible that such a place would even exist (what I saw at looked very dodgy and gave me the impression it was a setup), so instead I looked up the word Kancho on the internet and stumbled upon the blog of Kirainet.

The Kancho, as well defined by Kirainet “involves approaching your victim from behind and put your hands in the ‘Kanchoposition, with your finger right up the other person’s butt.”

I invite you to read the blog and get a little more familiar with the world of kancho (Spanish)

As I still wanted to know more (especially how to play this game), I searched online and found that this game really exists. It is called Boonga Boonga and created by some Korean people, but it is mainly directed to the Japanese public.

Attention: the characters that can play Kancho are…

  • Your ex.
  • A gangster.
  • Your mother-in-law.
  • A Gold Digger.
  • A prostitute.
  • A child molester.
  • A scammer.

As explained by the company, the game is to revenge the person who makes your life impossible. Moreover, seeing the faces of those who have been “kancho’ed” and hearing their cries will make you laugh and it will release stress.

Game play

Choose one of the eight characters to perform the Kancho. Once you’ve fulfilled your mission (put your hands together and stick two fingers up the butt), a sensor will detect your strength and displays a texts that says how your sexual behaviour has been.

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