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How to date an Otaku girl

This Japanese movie shows the world of a Japanese girl who loves manga, or better said… a very special kind of manga.

We must explain a little more to understand the movie better and why the Otaku’s boyfriend is very afraid of her ideas. If not, you won’t be able to understand the movie, which is what happened to me!

An important concept that you need to know before you start watching “How to date an Otaku girl”:

The word Otaku has two connotations:

- In the West is associated with people who love manga and anime. They listen to Japanese music and dress up as their favorite anime and manga characters, or they go to conventions. Not everyone does the latter, but it does form part of this particular culture.

- In Japan, an Otaku is like anyone who is fan of music, sports, wrestling, anime or manga. In Japan you can say that almost anyone can be called an Otaku if that person is a fan of something. Although it is usually to indicate that they are more than fan, maybe fanatic is more accurate and this can be taken as an insult.

Fujoshi, the protagonist and her friends are Fujoshi which means they are fanatic of some special anime and special manga. The Fujoshi culture evolves entirely about boy love; romance between men.

In one scene of this movie, the protagonist declares his love to his girlfriend and she is happy about that, but she wants to be clear who she really is: a Fujoshi. He responds that there is no problem at all. The problem is that he doesn’t know what it exactly means. Big mistake!

Now you can watch the movie and probably better understand why the boyfriend goes with his girlfriend to buy manga, why he is ashamed and doesn’t want anyone to recognize him.


The film has a very simple plot and can become tiresome, but it also has some funny moments which make the movie enjoyable. It shows you a world that most people are not familiar with, let alone that something like this really exists in Japan. If you are interested in the Japanese culture, I promise that this movie will surprise you.

The original title of the movie is: Fujoshi Kanojo.

Fujoshi means ‘rotten girl’.

Kanojo means ‘she’ and can be also translated as ‘girlfriend’.


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