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Kanji’s for mouth, day, moon and rice field

In the previous lesson, we talked about the kanji’s 6 to 10, so now it’s time to forget about numbers and start using a few kanji’s that could be more useful.

Mouth. This one is easy. The mouth of a Manga character is open when it’s surprised or stunned and almost has the same line.

Day, sun, tongue. What can I say? Those three can be more or less interpreted as such and I believe it doesn’t need any additional explanation.

Moon. Well, as far as explanation goes, we can imagine the four phases of the moon, which are represented by four lines in this kanji. Left vertical line, horizontal line followed by a 90º angle to the right. Middle horizontal line, lower horizontal line.

Rice field. You can imagine four mouths to feed or a rice field that is divided into four parcels.

Now a summary of the above, and don’t forget to review the additional comments!

Word Romaji Hiragana Kanji
Mouth kuchi くち
Day hi
Moon tsuki つき
Rice field ta


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