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Ways to learn Hiragana


Today I will continue practicing Hiragana, I’ve learned sa, shi, su, se, so, which is not a lot but I’ve been taking it slowly lately. It’s not so easy to keep practicing Japanese all day, every day.

Also, I’ve been on holiday visiting my in-laws and I wasn’t very happy with the idea having to put my Japanese notes down in front of them, let alone using the computer to write posts and find some new information.

Learn Hiragana strokes

As I find myself lacking any motivation to learn Hiragana, I looked around on the internet to find a solution for this, and here is something that I found and will put into practice.

First I looked for some tricks to learn Hiragana, but the majority of them seemed quite complicated to me and eventually proved to be trickier than Hiragana itself. I’ve read a book that suggests that Hiragana can be learned if you associate the symbols with certain images.

They show you the order of the strokes and this seems very importance to me. I started to read and after a few minutes I stopped. The previous suggestion had a very good point as the Hiragana strokes are very important and must be learned in the correct order.

hiragana stroke

hiragana stroke

As I searched the internet, I found the following PDF-file which indicates the Hiragana stroke order and can be printed out. This seemed quite helpful to me. I hope it will serve others as well.

Personally, I like to study and also have fun doing so, so what I’ve done is learn some Hiragana symbols and played a flash game that makes you guess which Hiragana it’s showing.

Of course, with the few Hiragana symbols I’ve learned, I couldn’t do much as a beginner, but the truth is that it provides a more entertaining option when it comes to learning symbols. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but after looking at Hiragana for some time, I get dizzy.

Well, that’s all for now!  I will continue learning Hiragana with these new found methods and let’s hope that I can read something in Japanese soon enough.

Ah, I almost forgot, the best trick I found is being constant. You have to practice every day and not only learn the symbols, but also read them! When I’ve learned some more symbols, I will look for a way to practice reading them.

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